Wave Physics SIO202B

Peter Gerstoft, 534-7768, gerstoft@ucsd.edu

We meet W, F from 2 to 3:20pm in Spiess 330

Text: Introduction to Seismology (2nd edition) by Peter Shearer. Likely chapters 4-9. It is available here under UCSD license

This course is intended as an introduction to seismology. Our goal is to provide a general overview of the basics of seismology. The emphasis will be practical (how things are actually done), rather than on detailed theory or derivations.

    3 April, Chapter 4.1-4.2
    5 April, Sumatra earthquake, Chapter 4.2-4.3
    10 April, Christian seismac. Travel time curves
    12 April, Tim, Seismic loads on structures. 4.4-4.7
    17 April, Cynthia, Simulating earthquake propagation.4.9-4-10
    19 April, Travis, Hum. Chapter 5.2., 5.3
    24 April, Dieter, Nuclear monitoring system (CTBT). Chapter 5.7
    26 April, Mike C02 sequestration.
    1 May, Dan Fracking. Chapter 7.1-7.2, 6.3.1-6.3.3 ch7slides.pdf
    3 May, Khan, Ricther scale. Chapter 7.3-7.5


    (due April 3) Read Chapters 1-3, come and ask one seismic question.
    (due April 12) Exercise 2.3, 3.7 (computer), 4.1
    (due April 19) Exercise 4.9 (computer). For 4.9 use the attached layerxt. raytracer layerxt.m, velocity model PREM.
    Assuming a uniform spherical earth (choose good parameters), compute the P, PP, and PKP traveltime curves. Discuss the results (where does it fail…).
    (due April 26) Exercise 5.2 (computer).

Mini research topic

    Hum (Travis)
    Nolvolcanic tremor
    predicting EQ
    Ricther scale (Khan)
    Fracking (Dan)
    C02 sequestration (Mike)
    Nuclear monitoring system (CTBT) (Dieter)
    Simulating earthquake propagation (Cynthia)
    Seismac (Christian)



    23 April, Sumatra earthquake, Chapter 4.1-4.2
    2 May, Amal seismac, Chapter 4.3-4.7, 4.9-4.10
    9 May, Eric: predicting earthquakes. Chapter 4+ 5.1-5.3 (lightly)
    14 May, (Oliver Carriere) Ben: Gashydrates, Chapter 7
    16 May, (Oliver Carriere) Chapter 7 ch7slides.pdf
    21 May, Chapter 9.1-9.3, “parts of Ch 8” surfacewaves.pdf
    23 May, Linhai: Coda, Chapter 9.1-9.4, 8.1-8.3
    30 May, 9.5, 9.7,9.9
    4 June, Andrew Mullen: Venus transit
    6 June, Andrew Sander: Microseisms


    (due April 23) Read Chapters 1-3, come and ask one seismic question.
    (due May 2) Exercise 2.3, 3.7 (computer), 4.1
    (due May 9) 4.4 , 4.9 (computer). For 4.9 use the attached layerxt raytracer layerxt.m PREM
    (due May 21) (Olivier might modify this) Exercise 7.2, 7.3, 7.1with this addition: construct a synthetic seismogram of N receivers in a one layer with thickness h and sound speed c using just geometric rays for direct, reflected and headwave (as done in class, ie neglecting amplitude). Convolve with the vibroseis signal. Correlate with vibroseis.
    (due June 4) 9.3, 9.4, 9.6(first four Earthquakes), 9.7, 9.9 , 9.11, and 9.12
    (due June 6)