Marine Physical Laboratory

Research Interests

  • Inverse problems in ocean acoustics, seismology, and electromagnetics
  • Signal processing in seismology and ocean acoustics.
  • Seismic imaging with noise.
  • Origin of Microseisms.


  • M.Sc., University of Western Ontario
  • Ph.D., M.Sc., Technical University of Denmark

Gerstoft Lab

The group focus on physics-based signal processing. We have demonstrated this in ocean acoustics, seismology, and radar. For more detail see Publications.

  • SAGA 5.5: Seismo-acoustic inversion code using genetic algorithms or a Metropolis-Hastings sampling with ocean acoustic and electromagnetic codes. 
  • Cabrillo 1.0: Acoustic, elastic and poroelastic wave propagation code using a finite difference Fourier spectral method on a staggered grid. 
  • Ocean Acoustics Library/ Other: I maintain part of the Ocean Acoustics Library.